A Mojito With… Korynn O’Connell

Korynn O'Connell

Korynn O’Connell


We had a quick chat with San Francisco singer songwriter (and total babe) Korynn O’Connell about what’s coming up for her, her dream festival line up, and her new EP, Coast to Coast.

Hello, Korynn, How’s it going?

Hey! It’s going great.

Where are you at the moment?

Currently chillin’ in my room in San Francisco, CA.

So, your EP, Coast to Coast, is available now. Can you describe your music in three words.

Hmm… that’s always tough one. Soul dream pop.

Nice! Your music is pretty soulful. Tell me a little about what’s inspired you?

Everything around me! People, stories, art and of course music. I love listening to all styles of music from house to rap and I really like listening to lyrics.

Favourite venue to play in? What’s so great about it?

My favorite venue I’ve played in so far has definitely been F8 in San Francisco! That’s where I had my release party last month for my EP, Coast to Coast. We had a ton of great artists come to play and everyone had a fun time! Easily my favorite show to date.

What’s in the pipeline for you over the next little while?

I’ve just released my first EP so I’ve been doing a ton of gigs to promote it. I’m really excited about playing my first music festival next month, it’s called Summer Freedom Music Festival in Reno! Tons of different bands playing and it’s taking place at a Burner (people who go to Burning Man) hotel so there will be a ton of art and Burning Man enthusiasts. I’m stoked to check it out! I also have a full length album in the works, I’m finishing up the writing and excited to move on to the production stage soon!

It’s festival season. If you could play any festival in the world, which would it be?

I’m going to have to go with Coachella, I’ve always wanted to go to that festival but I’ve told myself I’m going to wait until I’m an artist there!

I’d LOVE to go to Coachella! That’s a bucket list festival for me, too. Whilst we’re talking festivals, let’s play Fantasy Festival Lineup. Three (or more) artists (living or dead) that would make your life if you could see them one after the other on one stage… Go!

Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Porter Robinson.

I’d be down for that show for sure! Thanks for taking part, Korynn! 

Check out Korynn’s gorgeous EP, Coast to Coast, on Spotify, and follow her on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud

Official Website: www.korynnoconnell.com





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