A Bourbon and Coke with… Chroma Bay

Chroma Bay are a three-piece hailing from Nottingham, UK, making summery, chilled out electro pop. We had a quick chat with them about their upcoming release, Impossible, the football, and just how great Glasto was this year.


photo by Ian McConnachie


Hi guys, how’s it going? Introduce yourselves!
Hey! We’re Scott, Miles and Ben. Collectively Chroma Bay, creating electronic pop music from the heart of the UK.

Where are you at the moment?
We’re currently watching the England game, with our head in our hands!

Oh my days! I think that was all of us! Your debut single Impossible, is out on Friday, how are you feeling about it? And where will we be able to hear it?
Excitement currently outweighing any nerves, as we release our debut single. Impossible will be available throughout all major distribution services and through our social media pages – you can’t miss it!

Impossible has a nice electropop laid back vibe to it, doesn’t it? Very chilled. I really like it, especially the synthy bits towards the end. It’s summery. Good job, fellas! Is this the sound we can expect from Chroma Bay?
Thank you! Definitely, synthy and ‘summery’ are apt to describe our sound. Although, the next two tracks we’re releasing are a little harder hitting than Impossible, and we’re looking forward to pushing the boundaries of our sound in the future.

What’s in the pipeline for you over the next little while?
We’ll be releasing two more tracks over the summer, and preparing for our first set of live shows.

It’s been a pretty excellent festival season so far. If you could play any festival in the world, which would it be?
We’re going to Benicassim this year, and it’d be dreamy to play there! Though, after catching up on Glastonbury this year, we’d have to put that at the top of our list of festivals to play.

Glasto looks like it’s been epic this year. Whilst we’re talking festivals, who doesn’t love a game of Fantasy Festival Lineup? Three (or more) artists (living or dead) that would make your life if you could see them one after the other on one stage… Go!
Stevie Wonder, The Beatles & Led Zeppelin.

Yeah that’ll work! Finally, what’s been your favourite venue to play at? And what makes it so great?
Collectively at one time or another we’ve played at Rock City in Nottingham, and we’d love to come together with Chroma Bay to play there again.

Thanks guys! Enjoy that bourbon. 


Photo by Geraldine Denis

Chroma Bay told me they’ll be touring the UK later on in the year, so keep checking for tickets. Meanwhile, keep up to date with them on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. We’ll be posting the links to Impossible on Friday 1st July! 


If You like Tove Lo, You Might Like VÉRITÉ

There’s a spate of female vocalists out there at the moment, and I, for one, am really enjoying it. Artists like Tove Lo, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, to name just three, are kicking it with the pretty vocals over nice electro-pop beats and hitting the spot like a frosty beer in a frozen glass on a hot summer’s day. And it’s refreshing, too, to listen to pop songs with lyrics that have a little bit of meaning to them. It seems a little more grown up. Aimed, almost certainly, at a different demographic to that of, say, Little Mix, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez.


Enter VÉRITÉ, real name Kelsey Byrne, from New York, with her crystal clear voice and a few sharply produced EPs. She’s doing all right, too, with a impressive online following, an international tour, and gigs at SXSW and Lollapalooza under her belt.

Both Underdressed and, Constant Crush sound like they could be Tove Lo songs. They feel kind of raw. Like they stem from actual feelings and experiences rather than churned out quickly for the mass pop market. Weekend has a slight Lana Del Rey feel to it, with a touch of Katy Perry thrown in for good measure, whilst her cover of Childish Gambino’s Sober is just actually rather beautiful, with her soft, almost haunting vocals and the dreamy lyrics. This is exactly the kind of music I want to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. Or whilst driving down a long, straight road, or whilst chilling in the garden with friends. Effortless music, sung by a woman who sounds as if she shouldn’t be doing anything else in life other than exactly what she’s doing.


Everything I’ve listened to by VÉRITÉ leaves me wanting more, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a live show. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and listen on Spotify here.




If You Like… The 1975, You Might Like Beach Weather

Beach Weather, an American alt. pop three piece comprising of former A Rocket to the Moon front man, singer/guitarist Nick Santino, bassist Reeve Powers, and drummer Austin Scates. Formed in the summer of 2015, Beach Weather hit the ground running with a US tour supporting The Maine, and a swift EP release. 2016 brought a European tour early on, this time opening for Sleeping With Sirens, and there are whispers of new material on the horizon.

Each track on the EP, What A Drag, is distinct, slick, catchy and nicely produced. There’s something downright dreamy about Wolf, and Swoon oozes sex appeal (yes, you absolutely can swoon over me). The upbeat Rebel Sun is an instant mood-lifter. Play it loudly, and sing along, possibly whilst driving with the windows down, and you’ll be smiling in no time. Meanwhile, New Skin is seriously summery – the kind of song you want to listen to whilst kicking back with good friends, delicious food, and sunshine, and finally, the infectious guitar riffs and bassline in Bad Seed are guaranteed to stick in your head for days.

Check em out! What A Drag is on Spotify, or available to buy on iTunes.


A Mojito With… Korynn O’Connell

Korynn O'Connell

Korynn O’Connell


We had a quick chat with San Francisco singer songwriter (and total babe) Korynn O’Connell about what’s coming up for her, her dream festival line up, and her new EP, Coast to Coast.

Hello, Korynn, How’s it going?

Hey! It’s going great.

Where are you at the moment?

Currently chillin’ in my room in San Francisco, CA.

So, your EP, Coast to Coast, is available now. Can you describe your music in three words.

Hmm… that’s always tough one. Soul dream pop.

Nice! Your music is pretty soulful. Tell me a little about what’s inspired you?

Everything around me! People, stories, art and of course music. I love listening to all styles of music from house to rap and I really like listening to lyrics.

Favourite venue to play in? What’s so great about it?

My favorite venue I’ve played in so far has definitely been F8 in San Francisco! That’s where I had my release party last month for my EP, Coast to Coast. We had a ton of great artists come to play and everyone had a fun time! Easily my favorite show to date.

What’s in the pipeline for you over the next little while?

I’ve just released my first EP so I’ve been doing a ton of gigs to promote it. I’m really excited about playing my first music festival next month, it’s called Summer Freedom Music Festival in Reno! Tons of different bands playing and it’s taking place at a Burner (people who go to Burning Man) hotel so there will be a ton of art and Burning Man enthusiasts. I’m stoked to check it out! I also have a full length album in the works, I’m finishing up the writing and excited to move on to the production stage soon!

It’s festival season. If you could play any festival in the world, which would it be?

I’m going to have to go with Coachella, I’ve always wanted to go to that festival but I’ve told myself I’m going to wait until I’m an artist there!

I’d LOVE to go to Coachella! That’s a bucket list festival for me, too. Whilst we’re talking festivals, let’s play Fantasy Festival Lineup. Three (or more) artists (living or dead) that would make your life if you could see them one after the other on one stage… Go!

Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Porter Robinson.

I’d be down for that show for sure! Thanks for taking part, Korynn! 

Check out Korynn’s gorgeous EP, Coast to Coast, on Spotify, and follow her on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud

Official Website: www.korynnoconnell.com




Top Five…Spotify Playlists

All right! Here’s the first of a weekly feature we’re running on Slap and Pop. Take it as a nod to High Fidelity if you like. Actually, I must dig out that DVD because it’s one of my all time favourites. Definitely in my top five – ho ho. And anyway, who wouldn’t want colleagues like Barry and Dick?

In any case. Up this week. Top five Spotify Playlists, as the title suggests.

1) #ThrowbackThursday. This changes weekly, and I would love to be sitting in on those meetings because they can be incredibly random. This week: Dance Crazes. Where else would you find Do The Bartman on the same playlist as Thriller or Vogue?

2) Discover Weekly. Yeah, all right, an obvious one. But if you like finding new stuff to listen to and not just keeping on with the same old same old, this is a good place to start. Plus, it’s tailored to your tastes. I’ve found a number of artists and tracks on Discover Weekly that have made it into my own playlists. Dua Lipa, Parra for Cuva, Raury, to name only three.

3) Chill House. This is nice for when I’m trying to concentrate on stuff but want background noise that isn’t the radio. I love electronic synthy music, and this delivers like a boss!

4) The Pulse of Americana. The polar, polar opposite to Chill House. I put this on when I’m cooking, or we’re eating, or something. The kids don’t really like it much, but I have hopes. It’s important to expose them to music they don’t hear on Radio 1 or Capital FM, and there’s not a single Bieber or 1D song to be found on this playlist. Instead, you can expect pretty harmonies, twangy country voices, banjos, soulful lyrics. It’s nice. Check it out.

5) Funk Rock. Yas! Some cross genre fun. As soon as I saw this had Summer Romance (Anti Gravity Love Song) by Incubus on it, I knew I was on to a winner. It hasn’t been updated for a while, but that doesn’t matter. It’s perfect, and reminds me of a simpler time (read: when I was a teenager)

The Dandy Warhols, Engine Rooms, Southampton

Dandy Warhols

the one (ropey) photo I got. Courtney Taylor Taylor. instagram.com/imcountingufoz


In my previous life as a London-dwelling, disposable income-having, good time girl, I went to a lot of gigs. Far, far more than what I can realistically hope to get to these days as circumstances are not what they once were. At one point, Ve and I were averaging two plus a week, such was our thirst for live music and plastic tumblers of beer. If we could get our mitts on tickets, we were there.

But one band we never quite managed to catch were The Dandy Warhols, and I don’t know quite why because we listened to Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia to death. In fact, even before then – I remember being in one of those random second hand record shops in Camden and finding a single version of Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth, and being entirely too excited about it.

In any case, earlier in the year, I was checking out the listings for the Engine Rooms in Southampton, and there it was. The Dandy Warhols. Tickets were bought, Ve was notified. Last Sunday, we went to the gig.

They did not disappoint. A satisfying mix of classics and new tracks that have got me listening to Distortland on Spotify over and over. Old songs I hadn’t heard in years but were a joy to rediscover. The Last High was a particular favourite. Breathy and a bit melancholy. The ever-familiar drum beat and whoops of Bohemian Like You had everyone revelling in a delightful three minutes of early noughties nostalgia, and thank you, by the way, to the chap next to me, who pulled me further into the crowd so I could see! (incidentally, check out the story of how that song came about. It’s a riot!)

And the band themselves? Effortlessly cool. Of course they are. They are The Dandy Warhols. I think cool might collectively ooze from their pores. Maybe. Actually, it was really nice to see a band who just got up and did what they do really well. Confidence? Check! Experience? Check! Amusing shutting down of hecklers mid set? CHECK! But then I’d fully expect that from a band with twenty years experience.

The Dandy Warhols live felt like catching up with a buddy you haven’t seen in ages. You’ve been out of touch for a while and maybe worry it’s going to be stilted or awkward, but you slip back into it like you saw each other yesterday. And as Courtney Taylor Taylor sang it, ‘a long time ago, we used to be friends.’